Shy Dog in the Passenger seat

Watch this dog in the passenger seat that wants driver to hold his paw. Tommy seems asking for some extra comfort while his owner Adam is driving and keeps on asking him to hold his paw. How cute is that? Although it kinda looks a lil bit distracting and unsafe, Tommy is really cute.

Funny siberian husky playing in leaves

Siberian husky having a fun time in the yard.

Hilarious Japanese Dinosaur Prank

Japan is not only known as the land of the rising sun, samurais, anime and sushi but also known for their out of this world humor. Watch this Japan prank show with a fake dinosaur running through an office to scare people.

The dinosaur chasing a young girl

A dinosaur chasing a man dressed as a woman

Terrified Japanese office worker chased by dinosaur in the office

Grandmas Watch The Kardashian Sex Tape

I was laughing out loud when I saw these 3 old Grandmas watching Kardashian sex tape. You gotta love their reactions while watching the video.

T.V. Prank of Corpse Reviving At Funeral

How would you react to a corpse getting up at a funeral? A Brazilian TV station hires unsuspecting people with a newspaper ad about a waitress needed at a funeral (fake) and that's when the fun begins, as the hired victims get the surprise of their lives.

What to do when you get arrested

Here's an arrested drunk guy sings queen's bohemian rhapsody. Robert Wilkinson, got arrested for intoxication and didn't agree with the charges. After pleading his case, he decides to belt out his emotions... through the music of Queen. I think he should be also be charged of noise pollution.

cute boy struggling to get a hug

I love how he does pushups and gets back to hugging :) That's how love should be... just keep on pushing or trying... lol

Baby with Kungfu Face

Jedi will surely bow his head to this baby...

Funny Cats

Song 1: Gioachino Rossini - The Thieving Magpie
Song 2: The Presidents of the United States of America - Kitty
Song 3: The Nutcracker
Song 4: Smash Mouth - All Star
Song 5: The Wiseguys - Ooh La La

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Video Stream

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Video Trailer

Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight will be on May 7, 2011. He needs to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown against Shane Mosley. The fight will be held at fabled MGM Grand in Las Vegas.