banned commercials

I will surely use this... I dont want this happening to me... lol

A bunch of funny youtube videos

Funny commercial

George W Bush WHAT???

Letterman Top Ten George W. Bush-great laughter moments

cute cats

I love my mama

Funny animals saying I love my mama... check out the last one...

Alqueda reqruitment drive

I stumbled this video and just want to share some funny minute with you guys.

The Intern

Britains Got Talent 2008 funniest singer

Stumbled this on youtube today and i say... if he said he's going to be a comedian instead of a singer he will surely be on the top performers of that day...

Baby Panda Sneezing

Here's a short funny cute video of a baby panda sneezing.
Watch his mum's reaction when once he sneeze.

Charlie bit my finger

What's more cute that babies doing their own thing... here's charlie bit me video...

Avril Lavigne Parody

Another one from college humor... this is so gay... lol ^_^

Bum Squeezer

I dont mind if a Hot lady will squeeze my bums... what if your grandma suddenly do this kind thing... Shake your bum bum shake your bum bum

Sport's collision

Here's a collection of accidents on the sports field.

The power of old people

I just stumbled this today... and realized old people have this much power to us... SO BEWARE! lol

The Greatest Prank Call Made Ever

Go listen to this (transcript on video)... you will surely laugh at this funny phone prank!

Hardly Working: Conga Line

Wii Fit Parady

A parody of Wii fit...

Rejected Wii games

Another set of rejected wii games...